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Michele-Elise Burnett

President/ Artistic Director/Assistant Director

A proud Métis with Algonquin roots from Kitigan Zibi Bear Clan, is President of Kakekalanicks, an Indigenous arts and consultancy company which helps promote and educate Indigenous art and artists to a broad audience. Ms. Burnett is apart of a wide range of Indigenous events, roundtables, councils, and collaborations in and around Ontario. Following the partnership with the City of St. Catharines and the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, we are celebrating the second annual thee day Indigenous performing and visual arts gathering, Celebration of Nations.


Her Vision

Fiercely proud of her heritage, Ms. Burnett has shown that an individual who is inspired can wake up every day and follow and achieve their dreams. A strong proponent of Indigenous aspirations, she fosters a dream to unite, share, and respect each other’s Nations and to build a stronger Indigenous future filled with pride, dignity, and honour that will carry on for generations.


Tim Johnson

Tim has applied his broad experience in museum practices, educational programs, and exhibit design to the development of unique and authentic heritage properties. His philanthropic interests coincide with these themes and include heritage projects of lasting significance in the community centered around history and culture, the visual and performing arts, education, and environmental sustainability.


Courtney Copoc

Executive Administration, Marketing & Communications. Courtney is proud Lunaapeew, a member of Delaware Nation, turtle clan. Recently, Courtney has successfully completed two Bachelor degrees from Brock University. With a strong understanding and focus in Indigenous Education, she brings passion, dedication, and mindfulness to Kakekalanicks. Courtney honours her culture and has learned how powerful it is to take pride in her identity. Apart of many Indigenous initiatives within Niagara, she is affiliated with Brock Universities Tecumseh Centre and currently sits as the Aboriginal Education Council Secretary.


Zander Metz

Born in Florida and based out of Buffalo and Toronto, Zander chose to study Film Studies at Brock University and Film Production at Weengushk Film Institute. Zander is a writer, director and producer of short films and has worked in the sound department as a boom operator, mixer, and sound utility for many professional feature films, TV productions and commercials. Such productions include: "Trew Calling" (2015), "Two for One" (2016), "MTV: True Life" (2016), and "Johnny Gruesome" (2017). Zander is currently working on a new project due to be released Summer 2017.

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Jade Robertson

Born in Sault Ste. Marie and based out of the Niagara Region, Jade chose to study Film Studies at Brock University. Jade is a director, videographer, writer and editor of documentaries, short films and commercial productions. Jade has worked in the film industry as an assistant director, camera operator, locations manager and production assistant. Follow him on Instagram @jaderobertsonfilms


Alyssa M. General


Alyssa General

Alyssa is an artist, educator, filmmaker and language revitalist from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. Alyssa has helped create a number of films in Kanyen'keha and has received national recognition for her poem: Enkonte'nikonhrakwarihsya'te. Alyssa currently works as an artist-educator with the Royal Conservatory of Music and is a co-owner of a publishing company called Spirit and Intent.


Gary Parker


Gary Parker

Gary is the Principle Consultant for an Aboriginal owned consulting company with a focus in the areas of program development, governance, effective communications and strategic planning and other Aboriginal culturally relevant services. Gary is a Faithkeeper (a title holder) in the Aboriginal community where he was raised (Tonawanda Seneca Territory). He provides guidance and structure to boards and committees throughout Ontario and New York State. Gary brings a variety of skills and experiences which he incorporates into work so that consumers are provided with the best possible results.