This is an opportunity for Niagara residents and visitors to actively participate in an inclusive and engaging community gathering that will foster a greater sense of belonging, support of meaningful reconciliation, and leave a lasting legacy of goodwill for future generations. The three-day Indigenous arts extravaganza will aim to provide a far-reaching platform for the community to embrace and honour the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples within Canada.

Celebration of Nations 2018 September 7-9th

Landscape of Nations

The essence is to provide recognition, acknowledgment and and honouring of Six Nations and allies who made such amazing sacrifices and contributions for Canada during the War of 1812. A volunteer group has worked for eight years planning, raising funds and finally overseeing the creation of a significant tourist destination and educational tool to help recognize the First Nations contributions.

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Each Moccasin Talks Speaker Series work as a collective to uncover many myth, beliefs and Truths during the dialogue. Guests will have the opportunity to interact during the Q&A and are encourage to ask questions which hopefully will bring clarity to some very difficulty realities we all need to face in order to move forward in strength, peace, harmony, friendship and unity.

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